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Artist statement

Vasso Triga

I consider myself a spontaneous artist and I am interested in painting what I feel, looking back at feelings, memories, experiences and moments. To me, the canvas is a space in which my mind can be totally free. One might say that painting is my inner journey for searching my soul and rendering human emotions and moments of everyday life with colors, shapes through employing an array of techniques. 

‘Art must be that sort of mirror, disclosing to each of us his face’, J. L. Borges. Our face is the mirror, which reflects the nature. Each chromosome of each cell contains so many colors with which nature envelops us all. I believe the relationship between man and his natural environment is always fruitful. The existence or lack of nature will always define man. 

While I work quite deliberately, consciously employing both traditional and innovative techniques, my subconscious is the undisputed ‘project manager’. The brush stroke frees my imagination, allows opportunities for ‘happy accidents’ and grace to influence the finished project. 

The color blue (prussian, ultramarine, cobalt) is paramount in my work. Through the use of color, every specific image transcends itself, by virtue of the pictorial script, to an almost abstract composition and vice-versa. 

A positive message, the optimistic mood, is almost always depicted on things. The work grows, changes and matures along with the brush strokes, as they go on ‘dancing steps on canvas’. It is an organic process.